Family law can be complicated. Our experience and expertise allow us to work efficiently without sacrificing quality of service to our clients. We are the consultants other lawyers turn to when addressing interrelated family law, education matters and disability issues.


Whether you are entering into a relationship seeking to protect your assets, ending your relationship, obtaining decision-making on behalf of others, or navigating the complex and interrelated issues pertaining to education and disability rights, our team at Battaglia Law will strongly advocate for you through the process of asserting your legal entitlements and understanding your obligations.


  • Alternative Dispute Resolution

  • Litigation

  • Collaborative Family Law

  • Domestic Contracts

  • Divorces


  • Decision-making Responsibility, Including Education

  • Parenting Schedules

  • Relocation & Travel

  • Grandparent Rights


  • Imputation of Income & Income Calculation

  • Special and/or Extraordinary Expenses

  • Impact of Public Benefits, Tax Credits and Social Programs on Support


  • Equalization of Net Family Property

  • Trust Claims

  • Sale of Property


  • Collaboration & Negotiation With School Staff

  • Advocacy at School Meetings

  • Exclusions

  • Suspensions

  • Expulsions


  • Applications for Guardianship

  • Respondent in Guardianship Proceeding


Melanie Battaglia began representing me in August 2019 in the midst of an ongoing Guardianship matter to which I was a Respondent and that had begun in 2016. Melanie reviewed the already voluminous file materials from all parties, and it was readily apparent that she garnered a robust contextual understanding and that her procedural and legal knowledge were profound and discerning. Immediately, Melanie heard my concerns and recognized and acted upon a procedural error that had been overlooked by all other counsel involved in the matter and which was integral to the protection of myself and one of the other parties, both legally and personally. After nearly 3 years in costly proceedings with no notable progress, Melanie’s outstanding knowledge, diligence, and professionalism shifted the stagnating and painful proceedings into progressive action, providing the impetus for closure and healing. The matter finally came before the Justice due to Melanie’s highly effective and efficient work and due to her excellent communication and procedural knowledge. The matter was dismissed in my favour in March 2021, with the ultimate win being that of protection of human rights and promotion of autonomy. It was truly remarkable to witness Melanie’s excellence in communication and professionalism throughout the proceedings and across interactions with myself, all other counsel, her staff, court officials and the presiding Justice. Her advice and preparation were remarkable, and her compassion and care were unwavering. Melanie’s presentation before the Justice was an impressive testament to her formidable and exceptional dedication, preparation, leadership, knowledge and respect for all parties. I and my family would not be at this beautiful, peaceful place in our life without the tremendous care and truly wonderful legal representation of Melanie Battaglia. I and my family are deeply grateful for Melanie and her team – Brooke’s facilitation and diligence were also ceaseless and truly outstanding throughout the entire process with Melanie – and for the peace and security we now enjoy daily.


I met Melanie Battaglia in the late fall of 2017. I needed a strong, fair and caring family law lawyer to work on my divorce case. I came to her with a very outdated marriage contract as this was my second marriage. She told me that we had a strong chance that this marriage contract would stand up if we needed to go to court. To make a long story short, we went to court. Not only did she win my case, but she saved my retirement. She was fair, to both sides, caring, compassionate, strong, firm and her sense of empathy is second to none. When you meet her for your first visit, you get a sense of calm. As divorce cases are anything but calm, I strongly recommend her.



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